Getting back into blogging

It has been a year since I made my last post, which is really unfortunate. I really do enjoy blogging, though life got into the way.

How life got in the way 

In March 2017, I finally received my final grade back for my masters in Forensic Psychology. I had gotten a 2:1 in my dissertation and overall, thus I got a merit. I was so happy about it and immediately started applying for entry level jobs related to my field. As time went on I was getting the same feedback “you don’t have enough experience”. I was thinking I have this wonderful degree and it seems unusable, if I don’t get the right experience. Whilst I came to this realisation, an agency I applied to 6 weeks before called to ask if I was interested in customer service work for the BGL. I was pretty skint at this point so I agreed to go for the interview. Of course I didn’t get the job, they said I was overqualified and would be bored. I thought, typical now I can’t even get any job. 

About a week later, the agency called again and they made this amazing pitch about working at IKEA customer service. At this point I couldn’t even afford a bottle of wine. So I agreed to go to “the meet and greet”. The next day I found out I got the job. I worked 40-45 hours a week at IKEA on the phones, with an hour travel time each way for  6 months (4 months via agency and 2 months as permanent). I was always tired. I was either sleeping or at work. In the 4th month I started to socialise with the people from work outside of work. I was having so much fun at work and outside of work. In the 6th month I realised 3 things:
  1.  This job isn’t for me,
  2. This job was unrelated to my degree and career path,
  3. Whilst I believed in the company on a wider scale, at the call centre there were too any bad vibes. 

One Hangover filled Sunday I decided to stop complaining and do something. So I sent out a lot of job applications that day.  

Monday afternoon I got a call from a Organisation and set an interview for Wednesday. On Wednesday they moved the interview to Friday. Friday morning I went for the interview and in the afternoon they called to offer me the job. Of course I took it. This job was perfect as it had the experience I needed, in order to get jobs in my desired field. I was still working at IKEA though and soon after I gave in my notice. Right choice, wrong timing!! In retrospect I should have stayed until the paperwork at the new place was complete. In my defence I was ready for change and I just wanted out, ASAP. So for two months I was waiting for a start date at the new place. Though I was completing training as I was waiting.

I finally started at the new place. My new job is challenging in a positive way, working with people with mental illnesses/learning disabilities teaches me so much about life. Also, in the downtime of the job, I get to read best practice legislation in the work place and so much more. 

Fast forward to January 2018. I went to the Border triangle my for 25th birthday, it is a place where Switzerland, France and Germany meet. I appreciated being there, it was a nice experience being able to visit all three countries in three days.

Currently, I am still at the same job and I am really enjoying it despite its long hours. I am in a good place, and now I can focus on getting back to the things I love doing, which includes blogging. 

Getting back into blogging

I plan on blogging about life, travel, beauty, books and social media. Thank you for reaching the end of this wall of text and I look forward to reconnecting with the community. 

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