My 2016 Book List


The first instalment of the Bill Hodges trilogy. A thrilling story about a retired detective (Kermit William Hodges) who gets targeted by an elusive serial killer (Brady Hartsfield). This was my first ever Stephen King book, so I stuck with it till the end even though there were times I nearly dropped it. I quite liked this book in the end though as it set a good scene for the rest of the books to follow.

The second instalment of the Bill Hodges Trilogy. This book centres around one of Brady's victims and his family. This book has a slightly different story about the grim consequences of being obsessed with books. Into Addition to the consequences of stealing from a thief. Whilst our favourite character (Brady) from book one is in the background somewhere. I quite liked this book so much so that I read it in 5 days.

The book is about an ordinary guy (Shadow) who starts working with an old god (Wednesday), and they prepare for war with the new gods. This book is over 700 pages long, and was a complete waste of my time. I gave this book a chance because it's been talked about so much, and is being made into a TV series as we speak. Nonetheless, It did have some good parts, like when shadow discovers who he really is.
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This is the 2nd instalment of the Midnight Texas trilogy. This book is about the little town of Midnight in Texas, and it's supernatural inhabitants. I loved this book, it was slow but it has significant links to the Sookie Stackhouse series (BKA True Blood). As previously mentioned, I have read all 13 of the True Blood books so I was really thrilled by this book.


A book containing 21 short horror stories.

The Fireman by Joe Hill
This book is different from anything I have ever read. It is about a virus that causes people to self-combust. I am really excited to find out why this happens.

The Prince by Tiffany Reisz
Another instalment of the Original sinners of series.

The Scent of Winter by Tiffany Reisz
A winter novella - Father Marcus spends his birthday in a cabin with no electricity.


I could not carry on reading the books below, as they were not engaging and far too wordy.

The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher

I am hoping to read more books in 2017, so I am open to suggestions if anyone has any


  1. Wow wish I'd read more this year! Great picks. I want to read a streetcat called bob x

  2. We have pretty similar taste in books! I've not read any Charlaine Harris since Sookie Steakhouse, so will have to check out the midnight in texas series in the new year!

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  3. I got loads of books for christmas as my new years resolution is to read more - this is so helpful for finding out what to look for and what to ignore - thanks

  4. You managed to read quite a few then! I keep track of all mine using Goodreads and I always set a challenge, which I beat again this year x

  5. I haven't read any of these books. I'm going to start reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

  6. I need to read more, since starting blog I don't even watch tv anymore.... great choices in books, going to have to find a good read for 2017

  7. I am jealous and inspired at the same time as I have hardly read any books in 2016, I am hoping 2017 will be different.

  8. Great picks! I've always admire people who can read more than one book at once. I'm the kind of person who has to finish one book before starting another, which isn't the best when there are so many good things to read out there!

  9. I haven't read any of these but I need to get started on some King classics!! The Fireman sounds interesting too. Happy New Year!


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