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The Confessions by Tiffany Reisz

This book is about the confessions of Father Sterns and Nora, who are the lead characters from the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz. In addition, there are some confessions about the series by the author herself as well ass some interesting facts about the series. I would rate this a good 8/10. Though, I feel as though if people have not read a few books from the series, then this novella would be very confusing and shocking.

Midnight Cross Roads by Charlaine Harris 
Midnight Texas Series

This book is about a small group of weird and wonderful people who reside in Midnight, Texas. They fight together and protect each other, from evil Right wing individuals. I think I would give it a good 5/10. I can see that the series on the whole has potential to be amazing like the stackhouse series. Though it is super slow and very PG/PC compared to her other works, which makes me wonder what audience this book is aimed for. At times I nearly did drop it because I got tired of reading about the cat. Nonetheless, I do like the plot, especially the twists at the end! They were really good. The characters were great, I particularly liked Manfred the psychic, even though there wasn't much of his ability going on in this book. I also like Lemuel the vampire, it will be interesting to know more about him in the next book. I did not like the witch, she is the fun police in my opinion 🙊. I can not really say much more without spoiling the book for people, but I think it is worth a read.


Ibiza 2016

I have been meaning to write this post for sometime now, however life has been getting in the way.

View from my window seat on the plane

Here it goes! I went to Ibiza and it was amazing...once we sorted out all the issues. My friend and I went to work there through an agency. She got there a week before I did, and discovered the agent lied about being provided accommodation at a workers price by the club we would be working at. The club informed my friend that there was no such thing. Luckily my friend got to stay with someone she knew who already works in Ibiza as a DJ. The agent also lied about the price of the NIE (it's a Spanish NI), he said it was €60 but it turned out to be €100. This obviously added on to my limited budget. So knowing all this, I still decided to go meet my friend as the plane tickets were non-refundable.

I arrived in Ibiza at 10:30am, with no accommodation and no transfer to Sant Antoni de Portmany. Luckily I had met a lovely couple on the plane, and we shared a taxi. In retrospect, I should have just stuck to my original plan and got the bus, as the bus was €4 and the taxi was €10(for each of us). When I finally got to Sant Antoni de Portmany, the first thing I did was get a sangria whilst I waited for my friend. We ended up walking around from hostel to hostel looking for rooms, as someone told us they would be more affordable if we cut out the middle man (i.e. Booking online).

Accommodation wise over 7 days, we stayed at 3 different hostels: Hostal Rosalia, Hostal Adelino and Hotel Apartamentos Central City. They were all 1 or 2 star, but we hardly spent any time in the room so we didn't mind. One thing that we do regret is getting a room with air conditioning. Yes Spain is hot, and the AC was free, but on the 2nd day with AC - we got a horrible cold. I have had plenty of colds but this one was something else, and a local told us that people get ill because of going out in the sun then using the AC.

Sant Antoni de Portmany Beach Bay

Cafe Koppas Amazing Tex Mex

Our days consisted of pretty much what everyone does in San Antonio. Our days began with having some wonderful Spanish food by the beach. There were some really nice eateries on the sea front, as well as within the town. Then we would chill out on the beach or go sight seeing or go on boat trips. The boat trips ranged from €9 to €80+ but the more expensive they got the more incentive there was to go on them. For instance we went on a €50 cruise a few times and you got free fruit, unlimited free bar and a chance to go diving for those wanted to. These trips tended to be on smaller boats with the capacity of 40 people. The more expensive boats tended to be for either you book for the day or your typical booze cruise. I am really glad we didn't go on any boozes cruise as I feel as though my friend, and I would be out of place with the 18yr olds. So our days were pretty chill.

Sant Antoni de Portmany Water Fountain

Us Leaving The Beach on the Boat

Our evenings consisted of working for 4 hours selling shots at various bars and some clubs (not the super clubs), then we'd go out and spend our wages (which were a basic rate of €25 + unlimited commission). There was always after parties and I was amazed at we survived on 4-5hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to go to the super clubs that you see on the TV, due to the fact my shift was always at 10pm to 2am. Nonetheless, the strip and the after parties were perfect enough for me.

This working holiday was so fun, as we got to generate our wages once we got our NIEs. Additionally as workers, we got workers wrist bands which had many benefits, including but not limited to: offers on food; discounts on drinks; free entry to venues; and a multitude of other worker friends. Therefore I am really hoping that I will be go back in September.

I have been meaning to write this post for sometime now, however life has been getting in the way.

A few essentials I got before the trip.


Hello August: Happiness

First photo I took in Sant Antoni de Portmany, just out the local meeting place, the Ship Inn.

Hello August, may you be a wonderful chilled month. This month my main goals are to be happy, chilled and positive. This is because last month was fun, stressful, tearful, self-loathing, rushed and exhilarating, due to my short notice trip to Ibiza. I am yet to write a post about my experience, but it will one worth reading... Nonetheless! the theme of the month is positivity and I hope everyone has a wonderful month too.

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