Weekend of Indulgence

Thought this view of the Hyatt lobby looked rather nice.


The weekend just been I was treated to a wonderful spa weekend full of indulgence. My mother thought I needed a weekend away from being a poor MSc student, so we met at grand central in Birmingham. We had a wonderful lunch at Pho! Vietnamese street food and it was really delicious. Then we went to our hotel and checked in. The Hyatt Regency Hotel was so lush, as we were on the 24th floor we had access to the regency club where there were free drinks, snacks (biscuits and sweets), alcohol and canapés. In the evening we decided to walk to the canal and get some cocktails from Aluna, which were really great but pricy cocktails.


The next day, we had two breakfasts the first was downstairs with the other hotel guests and the second was with other regency club members. The food was both amazing up and down stairs - they really do know how to entertain guests. In the afternoon we went to the Alma Hotel spa and had head,neck and back massages. They were so relaxing and great. However, my mom got upset because she booked me in for a full body, and the spa didn't tell her that they can't do a full body massage on a busy Saturday. Personally I think that was a crap excuse. Come to think of it the customer service was less than acceptable - if only I had a Yelp to review that part of it.

So after the spa we checked out, and went to the bullring where we had full make overs from MAC. I didn't like my make over it was too er, rushed. Though my mom loved hers, she's been representing MAC for 16 years she says - I wonder if they have been around that long.

Before we left we had a late lunch at the all bar one or all one bar - I can never remember the order of the name haha. They had the best peri peri chicken I have ever tasted, and I'm not even a fan of peri peri chicken in general. They also had some wonderful tempura prawns, mezze board, and calamari tapas. It was a wonderful meal though the music in the restaurant was way too loud.


On Sunday I was home, but in the evening a couple of friends and I went to the pub to watch the football. For some reason we thought that was a good idea even though we don't really even like football or beer. Instead we had 3 bottles of wine 🙈 and ended up at another pub which had free roast with gravy (so random). We ended going home with 5 extra people which was so strange for a Sunday.

All in all it was a really nice weekend and really do wish I took some wonderful pictures of it all. It was just so nice of my mother to take me out on Friday and Saturday. I couldn't say thank you enough.


Hello July: IBIZA

July has always been a wonderful month and I have been looking forward to it. However, this year is going to be a bit different as there are a number of things I need to complete this month which are new experiences for me. these include working on the final version of my dissertation, finding my first postgraduate job, and lastly going on a working holiday in Ibiza.  I am really excited about the latter as for the longest time I have wanted to visit Ibiza, but as I got older I realised how expensive it is. So a friend and I found a compromise. we decided to work as shot girls for some nights and chill during the day and most nights. So I am looking forward to it, but I am a bit nervous because the agency provides the accommodation and we wont be able to see it until we get there.

Nevertheless, I hope everyone has a wonderful July.

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