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As part of my summer reading I have began reading this wonderful new book The Confessions by Tiffany Reisz, which has only been out since march. I liked the last two books (The Saint and The King) by Tiffany, so I was excited to get started on this one. The book focuses of the confessions of the main characters within Tiffany Reiszs' Orignial sinners book series.

Hope everyone gets a chance to at least enjoy one book this summer.


June Goals

Hi all, so for the past 8 months I have been doing my masters full time, hence the lack of posts until recently. Anyways! I would like to get back to the swing of things by first making a list (I love making lists) ...a list of things goals!

Finish a partial first draft of my dissertation 
I think this one is pretty self explanatory, though my dissertation isn't due in till November, I would like to get the first draft finished as soon as possible. So that I have some time to make all the necessary improvements etc..  

Have some me time
So as I have mentioned, in the last 9 months I have been completing the taught part of the masters. I literally had a deadline every Tuesday throughout the second semester. So, I pretty much started getting physical symptoms of stress (pain killer resistant headaches, sleeping issues and anxiety), and my GP told me to make some time for myself to reflex, read a book or something. I don't think she remembers what it was like being a student. Nonetheless, I shall stick to doctors orders and take breaks from my dissertation time, to time.

Read a book
I love reading novels and I always aim to read a few books during the summer. Therefore, I have compiled a reading list which  I shall post soon. Once I purchase the first one.

and again, this is one is pretty self explanatory.

So any of you have anything you would like to achieve this June?

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