Hello November

New Month, new goals, so this month I could  like the following:

1. Compete all my assignments on time.
 I have about 4 due we in this month, no one ever said a masters was easy.

2. Plan a giveaway. 
I want to host a give away to celebrate my new domain however I have no idea what to giveway that everyone would like.
3. Blog a little more. 
 This one might be particularly difficult as I am drowning in assignments, but I will try my best. Also, I wanted to revert back a little to mini haul posts.

4. Save up spending money for Amsterdam.  
I am going to Amsterdam in early December, I am so existed!

5. Try not to get stressed over things I can not change! 
I have wasted far too much time stressing over things that I can not change and I think I am not the who does this.Thus, this needs to change.

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