Thankful Thursday

It has been a wonderful last 7 days. Even though it was actually harder than I thought to think of 10 things to be thankful for and so they are as follows:

1. Moved from an awful city to Exeter which is wonderful.
It also has my favourite restaurant Las Iguanas.

2. Stored my stuff for 10weeks pre-paid so I can chill stress free.

3. There is free food at the house in Exeter.

4. I got to meet as well as, get to spend time with my new and only baby brother. 
I already have 5 sisters. 

5. I quite like the new book I am currently reading. 
The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher 

6. I left my very toxic bar job that I had for the last three years. 

7. I have fixed my sleeping pattern. 
No more missing that day because I went to bed at stupid o'clock.

8. I have reduced my drinking significantly. 
From maybe 4-5 + bottles of wine a week to a max of 2 glasses every other day. 
9. I have managed to sort out my tuition fee for my masters.

10. I get to spend time with my full younger sister. 
Who is like my twin, even though there is an 8year age gap. 

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