Summer Reading Wrapped

Hi all, so this summer unfortunately I was unable to read all the books I would have like to have read. This was due to applying for jobs like it was another university module, actually working and my candy crush/soda crush addiction taking over.

Nevertheless, I have managed to read 3/8 that I would have liked to have read:

- The night circus by Erin Morgenstern
-  I am pilgrim by Terry Hayes 
- The King by Tiffany Reisz
- True Colours by Stephen Leather
- The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher 
- Day Four by Sarah Lotz
- Year of the Locust: A Thriller by Terry Hayes
- The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
- The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Though I do have to add that I am pilgrim is like 900 pages long of awesomeness! even so that's about three books in one. Furthermore, I dropped the true colours book as unfortunately I could not get into it, and in my opinion - pilgrim set a pretty impossible standard to beat for spy books. However, I have began The Oversight which I really like so far.

I hope I get to finish off the rest much sooner than next summer!


Thankful Thursday

Happy Hour Iguana Cosmo from Las Iguanas

1. Managed to find university accommodation. 
 which I will be viewing on Monday. 

2. Haven't had a drink in 5 of the last 7 days. 

3. Got a job and the local watering hole (pub).

4. I watched the apple live event which was awesome!
Though I was disappointed with the new iPhone.

5. I managed to get two white dresses for under £30s.
I got one from Missguided and the other from Boohoo as my stepmother is having an all white yacht party.


Haldon Forest Park Devon

I recently went for a seven hour stroll to the local Haldon forest park (we got lost at some point!), which was really nice and I think the sun being out helped as well. I would definitely would like to go back soon, this time with my energy is at 100%. As i was already super tired when we got there.
Nevertheless I took some photos...mostly of trees...it is a forest after all; which I have included in this post.

Some poor trees were chopped down :(
At the peak - you could see pretty much the over view of Devon.
This one reminds me of the old windows XP to Vista wall paper


September Goals

- Find new university accommodation for my masters.

- Attend my last ever freshers week. 
As a postgraduate student I shouldn't really be going, but who makes the rules!
- Make new friends at my new university.

- Put my dissertation above all else.
 I didn't do as well as in my undergrad dissertation as I was hoping for.
- Stop over thinking about simple things.
Too much over thinking about money, weight, jobs etc... Just makes for unnecessary stress, when I need to be focusing on my MSc. 
- Go on a few dates.
I haven't been on a proper date in a very long time. As I did sort of have a 'situationship' back when I was in Staffordshire - which is dead and cremated now that I am in Devon


Friday Five

Current Five favourite meals
☙ Chicken and Mushroom Thin Curst Pizza
☙ Chorizo
☙ Spinach and cheese
☙ Raspberry cheesecake
☙ Chinese chicken of any sort
Current Five Favourite words
☙ Wonderful
☙ Really
☙ Ridiculous
☙ Brilliant
☙ Fucking
Current Five Favourite instagrams
Current Five Favourite songs
☙ Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey
☙ I'm In It - Kanye West
☙ Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
☙ King Me - Lamb Of God
 ☙ Confusing Happiness - Lo-Fang
Current Five Favourite copy right free photos 



Thankful Thursday

It has been a wonderful last 7 days. Even though it was actually harder than I thought to think of 10 things to be thankful for and so they are as follows:

1. Moved from an awful city to Exeter which is wonderful.
It also has my favourite restaurant Las Iguanas.

2. Stored my stuff for 10weeks pre-paid so I can chill stress free.

3. There is free food at the house in Exeter.

4. I got to meet as well as, get to spend time with my new and only baby brother. 
I already have 5 sisters. 

5. I quite like the new book I am currently reading. 
The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher 

6. I left my very toxic bar job that I had for the last three years. 

7. I have fixed my sleeping pattern. 
No more missing that day because I went to bed at stupid o'clock.

8. I have reduced my drinking significantly. 
From maybe 4-5 + bottles of wine a week to a max of 2 glasses every other day. 
9. I have managed to sort out my tuition fee for my masters.

10. I get to spend time with my full younger sister. 
Who is like my twin, even though there is an 8year age gap. 

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