Moving house!

The time has come to say bye to Staffordshire, and close this chapter of my book. I moving out of my house share and moving back home for a couple of weeks. I know it's very stereotypical of graduates go back home right after uni. However it makes more sense to do so, as my new university is closer to home. So, I can hunt for houses whilst living rent free and watch sky telly for a bit! 

I am sure as hell going to miss my freedom. I am going to miss eating, sleeping, doing, partying, drinking, dancing - when I want to. Though, I do like going home to see my dad but unfortunately my stepmother and I can barely even manage small talk which I am not looking forward too. Though it's only going to be for a few weeks. 

I bid bye to Staffordshire for now, this god awful place, and I will bid goodbye to it once I collect my stuff from storage...soon. 

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