Favourite Films

Hey all, so I thought I would share some of my favourite movies! In hopes that some people out there might also love them. So here they are in no specific order:

300 - the cinematography of this movie is amazing and the story is brilliant. Let's not forget the famous Sparta kick and those kick ass abs the 300 had. 

Inception - what's not to like? Leonard dicaprio, Tom hardy and Cillian Murphy within in a dream, within a dream, within a dream.

Wolf of Wall Street - Leonard dicaprio did it again! Love the movie and its story. It is like the embodiment of all things fun.

The Great Gatsby - ... yes Leo again. the great Gatsby is so awesome, makes me wish I lived in the 1920s and partied like there's no tomorrow.

World war Z - this has to be the best zombie movie ever, as it gives us the viewer a different perceptive of zombies. Additionally, Brad Pitt looks amazing in it!

Ferris bueller's day off - love love love! this movie, it is so funny and makes me wish I was brave enough to attempt to have an awesome day off, back when I was at school.

Jurassic World - great movie, I can't fault it in any way. I shall stop here as I do not want to give out any spoilers! 

Pacific rim - Big robots (Jaeger) fighting Godzilla like creatures (Kaiju), what is there not to love? Not forgetting the leading cast Idris Alba and Charlie Hunnam.

Haunting in Connecticut one and two - both movies are pretty consistently scary which is great, as who wants to watch a horror movie and not get scared?

Dead silence - scariest horror movie I have ever seen. It has everything: dolls, ghosts and creepy houses.


Mini Review: I Am Pilgram

I am deeply depressed that it is over, a whole 889 pages read through. I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes is an amazing book about the secret world of 'spooks' (spies) and terrorists, which will leave you wanting more. Though it's not your run of the mill James Bond, Jack Reacher or the man from U.N.C.L.E.
I really loved the main characters both the hero (Pilgrim) and the villain (the Saracen), thus I was torn as I was routing for both teams. The Pilgrim being adopted and an outcast throughout his school life, is drafted into a world he had no idea existed. The Saracen being exiled from Saudi Arabia at a young age - resulting in the birth of a lone wolf terrorist. 
What I loved about the book was the way it was written, it's the first time I have encountered this type of writing style before. I also love the plot which was a well written 'whodunnit' tale with an impeccable amount of detail and its fair share of twists. In addition it is very factually accurate, though I wouldn't have expected any less from the screen writer of Mad Max Road Warrior. Though, it would have been a master piece if there was more about the Pilgrim's love life.
I would definitely recommend it to those who love a good long book and don't mind graphic gory details. As, this book has definitely got the capacity to redefine people's perception of spies, espionage and terrorism. 



I quit my job on the 5th day

First of all I would like to point out that there is a difference between quitting because you give and quitting because you have had enough.

Before Friday the 27th of July I was convinced that I can do any job regardless of what it was, (whether it's cleaning or in some office) though I had found my match. I went for an interview, aced it and the next day I was invited for another day long interview/induction thing, and me being a good sport I took it in my stride and went along with everything. At the end of the interview/induction I had a final 3rd interview, and to my delight I got the job. Everything was great and I was loving life.

Though when I got home for the weekend and really thought about what I had just sighed up to. I knew by Monday morning this wasn't the job for me, it was disguised as charity fundraising which I am all up for (I have volunteered for 450 hours so far), but really it was a sales job and not just any sales job. It was a door to door sales job, 8hrs a day. So I stuck it out for a week thinking maybe it was new jobs nerves, but as the training went on I was exposed to more of the negative side of the business, in addition to the negative people there. At one point I was even told I wasn't there to make friends with fellow employees and not allowed to talk to them, but yet we were supposed to work in teams? That made no sense to me.

So I thought cool, I can do this job no problem. I have all the skills and the right attitude, I just need to get through training. So I got through improper training and was thrown out on my own in the deep end to knock on people's doors for 6hrs, I was terrified and to top it all off. I have a serious phobia of dogs, so the prospect of a dog running out when the person opened the door terrified me but I was ready for it.

As the days went on I was pretty much fed up, I was getting up at 6:30am and arriving home at 11:15pm. I was drained. I took a day off to sort out some personal stuff and then went back for one day. That day I was put with the most negative people to work in a team with, and we actually ended up arguing something very trivial.

Anyways, that was it for me. Whilst I was in my feelings, I called the boss telling him that the job wasn't for me and I just didn't want to waste any of his time. Though I did finish the rest of the day thinking maybe I was a bit too hasty. That feeling quickly changed when I saw on the news that 'cuggers' aggressive fundraisers (which basically was the job I had just quit) could face criminal prosecution and l thought thank god I got out of it.

Now I have realised that perhaps the any job approach to job searches needs redefining.

Moving house!

The time has come to say bye to Staffordshire, and close this chapter of my book. I moving out of my house share and moving back home for a couple of weeks. I know it's very stereotypical of graduates go back home right after uni. However it makes more sense to do so, as my new university is closer to home. So, I can hunt for houses whilst living rent free and watch sky telly for a bit! 

I am sure as hell going to miss my freedom. I am going to miss eating, sleeping, doing, partying, drinking, dancing - when I want to. Though, I do like going home to see my dad but unfortunately my stepmother and I can barely even manage small talk which I am not looking forward too. Though it's only going to be for a few weeks. 

I bid bye to Staffordshire for now, this god awful place, and I will bid goodbye to it once I collect my stuff from storage...soon. 


I have Graduated!

Me shaking the Vice Chancellor hand at Graduation

So I am officially a Graduate! I graduated on 6th July from Staffordshire university (still awaiting the professional photos) with a BPS accredited bachelors of science in Forensic Psychology with Honours. I am so happy about it, like 4years have finally paid off and they have paid off handsomely! 

Graduation day itself was wonderful, the best days of my life yet. It was my big day, probably one of the few 'my big days' I have until my wedding day. Both my parents, my sister and the only friend I had outside of university came to the ceremony. There were laughs, excitement and loads of photos. My mother made sure I did not leave Trentham estates without at least 300 photos, I'm not even joking. Though I did not mind, as really one the best feelings in the world is making your parents proud; showing them that they haven't done such a bad job because you have something of yourself and stuck to it. 

I was nervous about the ceremony, because the last thing I wanted to do was trip on stage but thank the Lord that I did not. After that it was all smooth selling and now I am looking forward to my 2nd Graduation next year for my Masters. As, I have managed to secure a place at the University of Gloucestershire for an MSc starting this September and I am so excited about it!
I like to congratulate all the 2015 Graduates!


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