I have Graduated!

Me shaking the Vice Chancellor hand at Graduation

So I am officially a Graduate! I graduated on 6th July from Staffordshire university (still awaiting the professional photos) with a BPS accredited bachelors of science in Forensic Psychology with Honours. I am so happy about it, like 4years have finally paid off and they have paid off handsomely! 

Graduation day itself was wonderful, the best days of my life yet. It was my big day, probably one of the few 'my big days' I have until my wedding day. Both my parents, my sister and the only friend I had outside of university came to the ceremony. There were laughs, excitement and loads of photos. My mother made sure I did not leave Trentham estates without at least 300 photos, I'm not even joking. Though I did not mind, as really one the best feelings in the world is making your parents proud; showing them that they haven't done such a bad job because you have something of yourself and stuck to it. 

I was nervous about the ceremony, because the last thing I wanted to do was trip on stage but thank the Lord that I did not. After that it was all smooth selling and now I am looking forward to my 2nd Graduation next year for my Masters. As, I have managed to secure a place at the University of Gloucestershire for an MSc starting this September and I am so excited about it!
I like to congratulate all the 2015 Graduates!


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