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So last week I went on a day trip to London for a graduates fair, which was very informative and worth the travel. There were a lot of companies and universities there, though they were pretty much offering the same thing. Whilst I was waiting for my train back to the midlands, I stopped by the All one bar at Euston station and had some tapas, as well as a few long island ice teas as it was happy hour. What a nice place, its shame that it was so packed.

Then over the weekend (well 4days), I went to Manchester for some temp work. It was actually was supposed to be a weekend where I checked Manchester to see if, it is somewhere I could see myself living. It is safe to say that based on these last 4 days it's a no, as the people are just plain unaccommodating. When I was growing up I was taught manners such as, if someone new comes within your vicinity, for example at work or school, you say hi and welcome the person. Apparently these manners aren't universal.

Nevertheless, I have had interviews recently for graduate jobs and so far no luck. Though, I do have some this week in Manchester and London so yay! More traveling. Hopefully this time I remember to take pictures. I have actually have been to so many interviews, I actually do not know what I will do if I actually get the job.

So similarly to Manchester, I am also going to Derby for a week to see if I could see myself living there, whilst doing some temp work. Though, I highly doubt it will be as lively as London or Manchester so I'm going there with preconceptions.


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