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I have recently finished my exams and still awaiting for the results and fingers crossed that I at least passed every single one, because I studied so hard for them. I even neglected my blog for months on end and on that note, I am glad to be able to resume blogging. Nevertheless, in this post I would like to outline my summer goals, so I can look back on them in about 4 months and see if things really do work out as planned.
1. Get an adult job
First and foremost this is a goal most graduates will be aiming for this summer, that's if they aren't going travelling or for a masters. It is debateable what an 'adult' job is because all this time I thought that a job is a job; apparently not. According to the university careers advisor, an adult job is one where the salary is not stated as an hourly rate. So yes, I would like one of those jobs please.
2. Move cities
Time and time again I have stated in this blog, how much I would love to move from this god awful place. Well now I have a chance!
4. Have fun
This one is going to be particularly hard, but I will try my best. This summer I have decided not to go on holiday, because to me it does not make sense going on holiday when I do not know where I am going to be in the next 2 months. Thus, I will just have to find other sources of fun. I have got travelling in mind, but not abroad just around the UK. Any suggestions?
5. Blog!
I would like to share more posts, share more and most importantly read more posts from others.
6. Update my wardrobe
Early this year I turned 22 and I feel like some of clothes are just not age appropriate. 
7. Burn bridges            
In all honesty, university has been fantastic, I have met a multitude of people and some have even become friends. However, there have been some toxic individuals who I would like to say bye to and get on with my life, now that I can. One thing Uni has forced me to be is to be civil with people even if they are not the best company.
Fingers crossed, I hope I succeed and meet all the goals!

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