Last Uni Days: The Burnout

So my days as a undergraduate student are numbered, Soon I will be graduating and the thought is very nerve wrecking. As I have no idea what I will be doing after my last exam. I have been focusing on Uni work so much so that I have not had a chance to even apply for graduate jobs, further postgraduate posts, summer jobs or even blog about how these last two months have been so stressful. Yet, I have 3 exams in the first weeks of may, So I have been revising extensively and yet I feel as though I have not learnt anything. which is rather frustrating and tiring. Sigh, I know there are a multitude of students who are experiencing the same thing, but I feel as though I am the only one. Especially since I have friends who have work placements in place, and some are even going abroad for jobs. For now, I just hope I can make to the exams without having the dreaded summer cold.

Anyways, thought I'd also post a few photos from my instagram as well.


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