The Cross Country Trip

So on Monday the 23rd I travelled for 8 hours, 3/4hrs each way from Staffordshire to Kent for an interview.  The interview it self took 7 minutes and when I got home I was rather depressed that I traveled so far, for so long. Anyways, one of the places I had to change trains at was London St Pancras were I had just under an hour to kill, hence I wondered around a little and I thought the station itself was one of the most beautiful stations I have seen yet. Especially the Eurostar part of it which led outside, and right of the exit was the hotel. Even though the sign said guests only, I did wonder in, just to see what the fuss was all about. It was such a lovely day and I could have sworn I saw one of the bloggers I follow outside the station, but I didn't want to be a weirdo and be like "hi! I follow you!" So in carried on walking. In the near future I do hope that I do take more trips out of Staffordshire. 





So these last few weeks have been trying, I have had more bad days than good days. Sometimes I do wonder how I manage to get over some of these days. I really dislike my environment and I am not sure where I am going after I graduate. For instance, I didn't quite like 2 of 3 grades I received in semester 1 and there's nothing I can do about them because they were more than just a pass. All the friends I had at work have left so I pretty much dread going there. In the few times that I have been out this year, I have had my drink spiked twice within two weeks...at the same bar! how? god knows. Fool me twice, shame on me. Luckily nothing bad happened other making a complete fool of myself and awkwardly explaining to the GP how I do not remember anything. Nonetheless, time seems to be running super fast. On the plus side I have got an interview with a university for a MSc in Forensic Psychology; at least something is going considerably well. Sigh, I hope more good days present themselves soon.


Hello February!

Hello February, I hope you are good to me as the latter part of January was awful to me. So this month there are a few things I'd like to do and they are:
1. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey - I loved the books, so I am really excited
2. Lose some weight
3. treat myself on valentines day
4. Carry on applying for graduate schemes - Until I hear back from a few
5. Finish all postgraduate application
6. Reduce My Alcohol intake
7. Be more money conscious

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