Hello November

New Month, new goals, so this month I could  like the following:

1. Compete all my assignments on time.
 I have about 4 due we in this month, no one ever said a masters was easy.

2. Plan a giveaway. 
I want to host a give away to celebrate my new domain however I have no idea what to giveway that everyone would like.
3. Blog a little more. 
 This one might be particularly difficult as I am drowning in assignments, but I will try my best. Also, I wanted to revert back a little to mini haul posts.

4. Save up spending money for Amsterdam.  
I am going to Amsterdam in early December, I am so existed!

5. Try not to get stressed over things I can not change! 
I have wasted far too much time stressing over things that I can not change and I think I am not the who does this.Thus, this needs to change.


Things I have learned from horror movies and tv shows


In the run of Halloween my favourite holiday! I thought I'd write a quick list about things I have learned, from watching Horror Movies and TV shows.

1. If someone knocks at the front door, at night; Don't open the door! 

2. If you hear a noise coming from the closet, attic, basement or the other room. Do not go and see what it is. RUN! the other way! 

3. Ghosts or/and demons
Seek the help from the closest wise old Lady or the Priest, who always seems to be in the right at the right time (see Paranormal Activity 2, Drag me to hell, Mirrors, The hunting in Connecticuts, etc.) 
- Do not have an exorcism!
- No ouija boreds.
- No seances.
- Do not make yourself the sacrifice.

4. Gore themed situations
It takes a lot to kill a person but only one of you in the group will make it out alive (See Hostel). Unless you are in final destination.

5. Zombies apocalypse
Surviving this depends on the type of zombies.
- If they are world war Z zombies - get yourself infected with something that won't kill you. These zombies are blind when comes to sick people. However, these are extremely fast and resourceful.
- More common zombies (e.g. Walking dead zombies), they are slow as hell so aim for the head. You can also mask yourself in their guts (gross!), as they will think you are one of them. 

6. Werewolves
Get a hold of wolfsbane! It burns them like acid. In addition to silver! We all know the effects of silver on the supernatural beings.

7. Vampires
Surviving these depends on the type.
- If they are the more common vampires, use vervain this burns them and thier powers may not work on you.
- Strigoi (mostly seen in the strain and movies like vampire academy), run like hell, pray to your God.
- All vampires do not like silver. 
- Get a pet werewolf as they can deliver fatal bites to a vampire (on the more common vampires).
- Trusty ol'wooden stack straight through the heart. 

8. Aliens
I have not learnt much from alien themed horrors, but if there are aliens; HIDE! The army eventually save the day (see Independence Day, The mist, The day the world stood still, Coverfield, etc.).

9. Hill billies / Cannibals / Chainsaw welders / Serial killers / Strange communities
Be strong and pray to your God. You will get hurt but you might be able to escape if you do work out an escape plan. (See the wrong turn, We are what we are, Texas chainsaw massacre, Halloween, etc...)

10. Apocalypse 
These are more upsetting than scary. From the ones that I have seen, sometimes there's no hope (see The knowing). Other times it depends on the type of apocalypse:
- if it is a committ hitting earth, being with your loved ones and get on a ship to Africa (see 2012)
- if it is a nuclear war or reputure, get on a spaceship and go to space. OR hide underground (see The 100) 
- If if is disease related (e.g I am Legend & 12 Monkeys) and you are immune, seek other immune people.
- Also, learn some survivoral skills from bear grylls.

Of course there are a whole lot more strange and not so wonderful things that could happen. 


Out to Sea

So last month, I attended a yacht party which was super fun. Though, I had to stay out on deck because I was getting sea sick instead inside the yacht (I don't know what the proper name is for it). Thus, I took lots and of photos of the sea whilst sipping wine... there really wasn't much else to take photos of.

It was a glorious day.


Peek A Boo!

All the fuss for 3D Touch! it is totally worth it. I am really loving my new rose gold baby.


Summer Reading Wrapped

Hi all, so this summer unfortunately I was unable to read all the books I would have like to have read. This was due to applying for jobs like it was another university module, actually working and my candy crush/soda crush addiction taking over.

Nevertheless, I have managed to read 3/8 that I would have liked to have read:

- The night circus by Erin Morgenstern
-  I am pilgrim by Terry Hayes 
- The King by Tiffany Reisz
- True Colours by Stephen Leather
- The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher 
- Day Four by Sarah Lotz
- Year of the Locust: A Thriller by Terry Hayes
- The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
- The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Though I do have to add that I am pilgrim is like 900 pages long of awesomeness! even so that's about three books in one. Furthermore, I dropped the true colours book as unfortunately I could not get into it, and in my opinion - pilgrim set a pretty impossible standard to beat for spy books. However, I have began The Oversight which I really like so far.

I hope I get to finish off the rest much sooner than next summer!


Thankful Thursday

Happy Hour Iguana Cosmo from Las Iguanas

1. Managed to find university accommodation. 
 which I will be viewing on Monday. 

2. Haven't had a drink in 5 of the last 7 days. 

3. Got a job and the local watering hole (pub).

4. I watched the apple live event which was awesome!
Though I was disappointed with the new iPhone.

5. I managed to get two white dresses for under £30s.
I got one from Missguided and the other from Boohoo as my stepmother is having an all white yacht party.


Haldon Forest Park Devon

I recently went for a seven hour stroll to the local Haldon forest park (we got lost at some point!), which was really nice and I think the sun being out helped as well. I would definitely would like to go back soon, this time with my energy is at 100%. As i was already super tired when we got there.
Nevertheless I took some photos...mostly of trees...it is a forest after all; which I have included in this post.

Some poor trees were chopped down :(
At the peak - you could see pretty much the over view of Devon.
This one reminds me of the old windows XP to Vista wall paper


September Goals

- Find new university accommodation for my masters.

- Attend my last ever freshers week. 
As a postgraduate student I shouldn't really be going, but who makes the rules!
- Make new friends at my new university.

- Put my dissertation above all else.
 I didn't do as well as in my undergrad dissertation as I was hoping for.
- Stop over thinking about simple things.
Too much over thinking about money, weight, jobs etc... Just makes for unnecessary stress, when I need to be focusing on my MSc. 
- Go on a few dates.
I haven't been on a proper date in a very long time. As I did sort of have a 'situationship' back when I was in Staffordshire - which is dead and cremated now that I am in Devon


Friday Five

Current Five favourite meals
☙ Chicken and Mushroom Thin Curst Pizza
☙ Chorizo
☙ Spinach and cheese
☙ Raspberry cheesecake
☙ Chinese chicken of any sort
Current Five Favourite words
☙ Wonderful
☙ Really
☙ Ridiculous
☙ Brilliant
☙ Fucking
Current Five Favourite instagrams
Current Five Favourite songs
☙ Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey
☙ I'm In It - Kanye West
☙ Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
☙ King Me - Lamb Of God
 ☙ Confusing Happiness - Lo-Fang
Current Five Favourite copy right free photos 



Thankful Thursday

It has been a wonderful last 7 days. Even though it was actually harder than I thought to think of 10 things to be thankful for and so they are as follows:

1. Moved from an awful city to Exeter which is wonderful.
It also has my favourite restaurant Las Iguanas.

2. Stored my stuff for 10weeks pre-paid so I can chill stress free.

3. There is free food at the house in Exeter.

4. I got to meet as well as, get to spend time with my new and only baby brother. 
I already have 5 sisters. 

5. I quite like the new book I am currently reading. 
The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher 

6. I left my very toxic bar job that I had for the last three years. 

7. I have fixed my sleeping pattern. 
No more missing that day because I went to bed at stupid o'clock.

8. I have reduced my drinking significantly. 
From maybe 4-5 + bottles of wine a week to a max of 2 glasses every other day. 
9. I have managed to sort out my tuition fee for my masters.

10. I get to spend time with my full younger sister. 
Who is like my twin, even though there is an 8year age gap. 


Favourite Films

Hey all, so I thought I would share some of my favourite movies! In hopes that some people out there might also love them. So here they are in no specific order:

300 - the cinematography of this movie is amazing and the story is brilliant. Let's not forget the famous Sparta kick and those kick ass abs the 300 had. 

Inception - what's not to like? Leonard dicaprio, Tom hardy and Cillian Murphy within in a dream, within a dream, within a dream.

Wolf of Wall Street - Leonard dicaprio did it again! Love the movie and its story. It is like the embodiment of all things fun.

The Great Gatsby - ... yes Leo again. the great Gatsby is so awesome, makes me wish I lived in the 1920s and partied like there's no tomorrow.

World war Z - this has to be the best zombie movie ever, as it gives us the viewer a different perceptive of zombies. Additionally, Brad Pitt looks amazing in it!

Ferris bueller's day off - love love love! this movie, it is so funny and makes me wish I was brave enough to attempt to have an awesome day off, back when I was at school.

Jurassic World - great movie, I can't fault it in any way. I shall stop here as I do not want to give out any spoilers! 

Pacific rim - Big robots (Jaeger) fighting Godzilla like creatures (Kaiju), what is there not to love? Not forgetting the leading cast Idris Alba and Charlie Hunnam.

Haunting in Connecticut one and two - both movies are pretty consistently scary which is great, as who wants to watch a horror movie and not get scared?

Dead silence - scariest horror movie I have ever seen. It has everything: dolls, ghosts and creepy houses.

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