Say hello to the Big Apple!

I have  gone mad with my apple obsession and bagged myself an iPhone 6. Absolutely love it, out of all the iPhone generations I have had, the 6 is the only one that has actually significantly changed software, camera and appearance wise. The signal is so much better as well, though the landscape keyboard is bit too complicated for my liking. Other than that, there is nothing bad I could say about it.
Sigh, with getting the phone, negative people who do not like apple products have come out of the woodworks. Obviously, not everyone is going to like it, and that's totally fine. However, they cross the line when they try impose their opinions on others. I have learnt that people often become negative and bitter about things they can not acquire; jealousy is a disease and I hope they get well soon.

Nevertheless, my sister thinks that I should name it, I didn't know people still do that, name their phones that is. Just look at it:


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