Lost my passport!

I would like to share what my experience of losing my passport has been like. It all started in early august, I meant out one night, I lost my clutch bag and the next day I went back to collect it. The lady, who gave me the bag said that when the bag was handed in, it was empty...So my phone, keys, cash and PASSPORT! were taken. I would understand if they just took the cash and phone, but why steal passport and keys? I was baffled by this and for a few weeks it kind of got me down. I wasn't too bothered about the phone and new keys can always be cut, but my passport? Well this is a huge deal, as I am due to travel to Crete at the end of this month. I have realised just how restricted life is without such a simple thing as an ID. Additionally, I couldn't get my drivers licence replaced without a valid passport number, sigh.

On Monday, I travelled 2 hours to got to the Liverpool passport office for a fast track passport replacement interview. Once I had paid the £103, all the staff kept saying I would receive it by next Monday. As though it was a definite thing!

Then on Thursday morning, the replacement arrived! I was ecstatic. What with all that is all over the news about the passport office, I was very surprised that the passport came in record time.

Malia here I come! :]

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