Wireless Festival Catch up

Ellie Goulding
Wiz Khalifa
Hello all, I worked at the wireless festival this past weekend in Birmingham. It was really good as far as first attempts go, as this was the first time it was held in Birmingham. There was also, the cancellation by Drake, which meant it wasn't going to be as good as it would have been.  Anyways on the work side, I was working on the bar in the VIP area which was behind the Main stage. Which meant I missed some acts, however I had a backstage working wristband again, so I did use it at every chance I got. At first I was disappointed with work because I was supposed to be working full days, but not a lot of people came to the VIP area so our shifts got cut in half. Which is great, but some of us travelled and paid for our own accommodation this time, so we were a already out of pocket; quite a few people did quit because of that. Anyways, I wasn't too bothered, yes I wasn't getting paid as much as I would have but I did get to see some great acts, for free and as well as hang out in the VIP, Press and Backstage area as much as I wanted.

I got to see Rudimental, Wiz Khalifa, John Newman, Bruno Mars, ASAP Ferg, Neon Jungle, Raleigh Ritchie, Iggy Azalea, Pharrell Williams and of Course YEEZUS himself Kanye West. I don't care what people say, even those who don't like Kanye would have been happy to see him live for free and say that they have seen him. I had a wonderful time, it was definitely work getting my hours cut, to see the acts.

Whilst, I was back in the VIP area I got to meet and serve a few famous faces, they only really big star that was there was Schoolboy Q, even though not a lot of people knew who he was. He must have done something right to have performed on the main stage. There was also other famous D-list Celebrates and Socialites like, a few of the Hollyoaks cast, Corry cast, Pervious Big brother entries and a random Gaz from Geordie shore. Jamila was also came to bar. There was a whole lot more famous people but I wouldn't know who they were, because I don't even know what half of the other acts looked like. Anyways! I had a really fun weekend and I am hoping wakestock will be just as great.

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