Hello July + Festival Madness

I don't really like the month of July, as it can really be 'Hit or Miss', because its official results months for most university students; as most people know. I mean we all do find out results way before July, but as they are only provisional, there's is always that threat they may be moderated. Anyways! so this month other than results, I have moved house! this is the 5th time I have moved house in 3/4years and I moved in today. Which is why I haven't really posted in the last week or so as I was busy sorting out packing, cleaning and moving. Tell you what though, I am not looking forward to unpacking.

Also, this month I will be working at two festivals and they are as follows:
VIP area at Wireless festival in Birmingham (04-05-06 July)
Bar stuff at Wakestock in North Wales (11-12-13 July)

I am really excited to be working at these, but at the same time I don't know how I am going to manage, because it takes me about two weeks to recover from a festival. I really hope it doesn't rain...a lot, a little rain is alright I suppose. In al this madness, I need to fit in Transformers 4! in IMAX, I have been looking forward to see this movie since the last one.  So July, please be good to me.


  1. I imagine working at a festival is pretty fun. Although the rain is always an issue when it comes to festivals. I saw on the telly just how muddy it got at Glastonbury and was glad that I wasn't there!


    1. It does get worse than Glastonbury was but sometimes people are too out of it to notice x

  2. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's awesome! :) I am your newest follower and look forward to your next post!

    I have a new outfit post on my blog, I would love to know what you think:




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