Summer '14 Bucklist ✨

I have finally had some time to sit down and think about what I would really like to do this summer; come rain or sunshine. I have come up with about 20 goals and they are as follows:
  1. Make a 101 Goals in 1001 Days list - then start on some of them. I have seen a few of these lists on some blogs I follow and they seem like a pretty cool/fun way to get things done. Also, to beat the boredom.
  2. Have a film festival/Girls night in - Invite some friends over and ask them to bring their favourite movie each. Then just settle in with some snacks (mostly homemade) and burn a lazy afternoon and evening just watching movies together.
  3. Go to the cinema - I quite like my films and this summer's biggest movie is going be Transformers 4; just watching the trailers make me so excited. 
  4. Organize a walking tour - It would be kind of fun to find interesting historical and cultural sites in my town...which I have lived in for 2 years now and I only know where the local watering holes are (pubs/clubs). Also, I think it would be a great way to exercise, without thinking of it as exercise.
  5. Take some digital photographs - of anything and everything, why not?
  6. Visit a free museum or a zoo - Last time I went to either, I was in secondary school.
  7. Do some networking - I would like to spend an afternoon or something, writing emails to professional contacts, just to see what they’re up to and letting them know my ideas and quest for a placement. 
  8. Read an entertaining book - I have already got my eye on three fiction novels that I would like to read this summer.
  9. Read a “great” book - by this, I mean a book that genuinely challenges my beliefs and ideas. I would really like to read more about other cultures, maybe Haitian culture or Greek mythology. As,  a lot of things these days 
  10. Take a nap - It’s the ultimate free energy refreshing technique.
  11. Get things done - I do have a long list of things to do, which I seem to be putting off.
  12. Volunteer - as the job centre recommends. Also, if I got to volunteer some where in my field, that would be my placement sorted.
  13. Start a workout routine - I already got this under way, I'm doing a minimum of 3 days a week in the gym. 
  14. Plan next year’s summer holiday - Next year after graduation, as a treat for myself I would like to go somewhere outside of Europe.
  15. Explore a blog I like. 
  16. Take a stab at writing poetry or other forms of creative writing - I reckon I could spin a good story, not so much a poem though, but it doesn't hurt to try. After all, it's not like it's going to be published or anything.
  17. Go speed dating - In the movies it always looks so fun. I'd like to go to one event just to say that I have been. Though, I don't expect to find someone I like as I have been told that, my standards are far too high. 
  18. Get a new tattoo or piercing or both - I do have a tattoo in mind and I have been wanting to get it done but I find that tattoos(I already have 4) really hurt. That is what has been putting me off. Also, I would like to get my belly button pierced but, the last piercings I got were my nips and I have never experienced pain like that in my whole life (I already have 9 discrete piercings). 
  19. Re learn how to ride a bike - first of all, the saying 'you can't forget how to ride a bike' is a myth. I forgot, I don't know how to ride a bike, but there are home videos of me as a kid riding a pink bike, with no training wheels. 
  20. Start working on my level 6 project - the more I do before uni starts up again, the less stress I will have during term time. Also, I hit the jackpot when I got the award leader as my project supervisor; meaning I have the best of the best helping me. 
The majority of the items on my list don't require money to be completed as, I am having to scrimp so I can save up for bills and all. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to summer, I just hope the sun does come out to play. 


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