Download Festival Catch up

Hi all, so just to start off with, here are a few unedited photos taken from my iPhone 5s, as I couldn't take my DSLR.

Zippo Stage, which was the closet to the staff camping site

Our daily march to the back of the Main stage

Back of the Main Stage

Staff stage area at night

There are plenty more where those came from but, they are far too sloppy for a public blog. Anyways! I would like to start off by saying that I have had the best weekend of my life this year so far! as most of you know, I worked at the Download Festival this weekend just past. I was working in the VIP Arena which is known as R.I.P, so I was given a backstage working wrist band, which meant that I could literally go anywhere in the arena, even the press tents, artists tents and backstage of any stage. Needless to say I used this privilege whenever I was not working behind the VIP bars and pods.

I arrived at Donington park on the Thursday, where all employees had to sign in and set up our tents in the staff camping site. Luckily, when I got there I made two new friends one guy and one girl and we set up our tents next to each other and after that we out to the village and pretty much enjoyed the weather and drank. On Friday we were given our shifts, although they were pretty decent, I barely got to spend time with those friends.
On Friday night after my shift I decided that I would hang out with one of the guys from my shift and he introduced me to some amazing people in our camp site; four guys and two girls. Although the four guys didn't work for our agency, we pretty much all hang out all weekend before and after work. We mostly went to the village, and got on the funfair rides which seemed 10 times more fun when we were drunk. By Sunday night/Monday morning after watching Aerosmith, Going back to the village, where we went into a huge blue tent which had music and partying in the shisha tent. I had gotten really close to one of the guys. Without going into much detail, it's one experience that has been crossed off my life bucket list. 
I just hope wireless will be this fun.



  1. Haha, one experience ticked of the bucket list, brilliant!! x

  2. I'd love to work at a music festival! Maybe one like Bonnarro or Coachella to get to see the celebs and acts

    1. It is the best way to go to a festival, I reckon :) x

  3. I've only ever been an attendee during a music festival, so I can only imagine it is fantastic to experience things from the inside. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


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