Yay 100 followers! + Sleek Make up Lipstick Giveway

Hello all!
I have finally reached the 100 Followers milestone! I am super happy as I never thought this would happen. As a thank you to all of my readers, I am hosting my first giveaway. I am giving away two Sleek make up True Colour Lipsticks of the winners choice. 

Good luck to everyone who takes part :]



Download Festival Toiletries

I just wanted to write a quick post about the toiletries I got for camping, at the Download Festival which I will be working at. Starting tomorrow! I'm so excited and extremely nervous, as last time I worked there the weather was horrible. The agency I worked for weren't very nice either, but this time it's a new agency, new location and the weather is looking promising.
  1. Superdrug's Face towel
  2. Listerine Mouth wash
  3. Extra chewing Gum
  4. Colgate Sensitive Whiting Tooth paste
  5. Superdrug's Feminine wipes
  6. Superdrug's Travel Tooth brush
  7. Superdrug's Antibacterial gel
  8. Baptiste Tropical dry shampoo
  9. Superdrug's Cleansing facial wipes
  10. Superdrug's Seduction body spray (smells wonderful)
  11. Superdrug's 10p lip balm
  12. Vaseline lip balm
  13. Superdrug's Strawberry & Raspberry shower gel (don't know if my camp will have showers)
  14.  Dove pampering lotion
  15. ProPlus (I highly doubt that I will get much sleep).

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