Weekly Catch up 18/05

Hello all, so last sunday I did not post a weekly catch up as there really wasn't much that happened that week. This week however has been a little more eventful, firstly I sat two out of three exams this week. Though, I am not confident that I did well, I am more than glad that they are out of the way. Secondly, on Wednesday it was one of my friend's 20th birthday and so there was a little gathering, which quite frankly turned out to be a mini house party in the middle of exam season. Anyways, it was pretty good, and I got to wear my new Truffle Jellys and Rivington high waisted jegging/jeans, both from ASOS. I have to say that the Jellies were very comfortable, contrary to what people have said about them on Facebook. Thirdly, on Friday I booked a table for two, for me and my friend at a Mexican restaurant, which has the best tapas around here. Unfortunately, my friend was not allowed in, as her ID was not accepted by these new ID scanners that are dotted around everywhere now. Even though her ID is a valid European ID which the bouncer in the revolution bar next door, accepted without question. I really don't like how everything is being replaced by machines and how I need my fingerprint scanned in bargin booze.

Anyways, On Saturday, I did manage to study quite a bit, then in the evening I had work and after work (after midnight), I went out with a few friends. I didn't get back home until 4am...which was rather silly considering I had a job interview at 9am. I did manage to make it to the interview, and I realised that I actually didn't want this particular job. Even though I whinged about not having a job for 4 months, I do have a job now and this other one I went for an interview for should really go to someone who would really appreciate it. After all, I do also have Festival jobs lined up for the summer. Nonetheless, need less to say after the interview I did sleep through out the rest of the day, which was a shame because I missed out on the lovely whether.


  1. To bad that you miss the lovely whether :-(
    Good luck with your study!



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