Bye Bye Clutter

I have been doing some spring cleaning, mostly because there are a lot of clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. Also, I do want to buy some new clothes. The whole process took about 2 days to bag things and some things I'm probably going to sell on ebay or something. However, the stuff I don't want anymore, I don't know what to do with it because I don't want to just throw it all away, so I spent most of last week calling up places, seeing if they take donations. Surprisingly, most places were shut for good or they weren't taking donations at the time. I did ask around though and there's a clothes bin, about a few miles away. So hopefully sometime this week, I'll be able to take the clothes and shoes. Other than the trying to donate part, the cleaning process was so therapeutic, as it got me thinking about things I've been putting off.


  1. Nicely done! And if you can keep them somewhere hidden until you can donate them, that would be a noble act :-), I am sure many would appreciate it much. I do the same thing, time to time.


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