Waist Training

After extensive research with my friends, we've decided to start waist training; which is also known as corset training. As we have reached a point where we don't really want to lose any more weight, we just want to lose a few inches around the waist. As everyone knows you can't just lose weight around the waist without losing weight overall. Anyways, I bought a steel bone underbust corset from corset4u, which is 26inches, as you are supposed to get one that is 4-5 inches smaller than your actual waist. A lot of videos I've seen are of women who just pop it own, go about their daily life and fail to mention how extremely uncomfortable it is to start with. 
So, I am on day 5 now and I've been wearing it for 6hours a day, usually to sleep which is rather uncomfortable. On the first day, it was unbearable and it wasn't even as tight as should have been. Though a few days later it is alright and I can now breathe normally. The only annoying thing about it, is my belly button randomly starts to itch. Other than that, I have noticed that I am not eating as much as before. Also, when I take off my corset my stomach sort of stays in shape for a few minutes. So imagine a few months down the line and when I finally reach my target.  There is something so sexy about having a corset on and I quite like how it looks when I have it on. 

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