Just Fab Trap

For those who haven't bought anything from justfab, basically the site takes out £35 out of your account every month and I only realised this after I bought a lovely bag from them last December. The bag is awesome, looks really great and has managed not to break from the amount of library books in it. Anyways, every month if you don't want to buy anything from there then you have to 'skip the month' before the 5th of that month. I have managed to skip the last 3months by the skin of my teeth. However, this month it completely slipped my mind and they credited £35 (all the items on the site are £35) from my account today. So, now I have to buy something from there because, essentially I have already paid for whichever item I decided to purchase. 

I have a little browse on the website and there is a lot of nice things. I am pretty undeceive so I can't decide which item I want from the pictures below.

1. The Arrival bag - I have had my eye on this bag for quite sometime, I am still not sure about getting it.
2. Carlita flats - I really like these, and they would be perfect for summer.
3. The Ascot clutch bag - I need some clutch bags aren't just black, so this would be great, but for £35? I don't know.
4. Giovana t-bar platforms - you can never have too many pair of heels
Sometimes,  the site does have buy one get one free offers, so I might have to wait for the offer. everyone loves a bargain.  

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