April hope you end soon

Similarly to last month, I have some new goals that I would like to achieve this month. I am not looking forward to this month, as I will not have much of a social life, because I will be revising for the may exams. well, it is more like learning and then revising as I do not remember anything from lectures. So, my mini goals are as follows:
  1. Build up a photography portfolio - carrying on from last month, as I didn't have time to work on it.
  2. Purchase something on my wishlist - why not? we all deserve a treat once in a while
  3. Find a house for next (academic) year - I need to find accommodation for my last year, but it's quite hard because, basically all the student houses are pretty gross. The amount of stories I have heard about people moving out mid year, because their houses were not to suitable to live in, due to bad landlords or mould problems.
  4. Blog more - I'm good at reading other people's blogs and commenting, but not so much blogging a lot myself.
  5. Wash my make up brushes more often - I try and wash them every Sunday, but it ends up being every other Sunday.
  6. Stick to my revision plan - like most people, I always make a revision plan and never stick to it. So I end up cramming like 3 different modules in the last week, if not the last few days.  
  7. Get a Job - I have been trying since January and I'm starting to lose motivation.
Additionally, at the end of the month, we receive our last student finance instalment and that is something to look forward to.


  1. Good luck for your exams!! I hope you manage to fullfil your goals.
    Cristina xo



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