Mini catch up. ❤

This past week has been really relaxed, even though it has been quite eventful. Anyways! what has occurred this week:

  • Three of my friends and I have booked a holiday to Crete, Greece for the end of august, this year. I am quite excited for it but I am not excited about paying for it. So, it better be worth it.
  • I received my iPhone 5s replacement, much faster than I expected. Hence, I have been really ecstatic.
  • For my drugs of abuse module, our group completed a group poster presentation which was awful as there was very poor communication within the group. I was lumped into a group with two other boys, who quite evidently look like they have never talked to a girl before; so it was quite awkward. I absolutely hate group work and thus, I will be happy with a pass with this assignment.

  • I haven't really done much clothes shopping this month, but I took advantage of the sale on ASOS and got my self two little black dresses. unfortunately, I returned one of the dresses, because it didn't fit properly around the bust area. I also got some new shows from Forever 21,which I haven't worn yet. 
  • I completed my student finance 2014/2015 application - this was quite hard to do as I realised this is the last year I will be applying for it. Additionally, I've had to switch the application to an estrangement application. fingers crossed it will be approved! as, I do not have a plan B.

Though the best is yet to come as tonight, I will be going to the second launch party of the individual bar. Where Jamie Laing and the candy kittens will be attending. As an evade Made in Chelsea fun, I'm super excited and I hope it will be a good night.

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