Days of Misfortune

Sigh.  So the last few days have been horrible, but things are slowly getting better. Last week, I started using new facial products, some facial wipes and Micellar water. I have just noticed a slight rash, and I'm not sure which one of these is causing it. So, I have decided to stop one of them just to see if anything changes. Additionally last Friday at work, I didn't make as much commission as I wanted to, but you know what they say; you win some and you lose some.

Nevertheless, on Saturday a few of my friends and I went to church for a relationship conference, which was interesting but kind of outdated as well. Then, Saturday night a friend and I decided to take the coach to Birmingham and go out, it was a really good night, I probably spent a little too much then intended. Little did I know that night would end up costing me £324, as at the end of the night, an incident occurred. Long story short, I had to visit the dentist, my iPhone 5s was taken and we missed our coach back home. We had to do the walk of shame home, which I normally do not mind, but that day I did mind. I just wanted to go home and sleep, which I eventually did. On Monday, I was on the phone all day to the local police, insurance company, the phone network, telling the story over and over again. On Tuesday things got a little better, I went for a job interview at my student union which I thought went well, and that lifted up my spirits quite a bit. So yeah, now I am waiting for the good fortune to appear as it is long overdue.


  1. Love the label of babbling. Keep your chin up, testing times are just that, a test. Good times are just over the horizon. Stephen :o)

  2. I love your blog. Your photos are great. What software do you use to edit with as I'm looking at buying some?
    Beth x


    1. Thanks, I use light room and sometimes Gimp :] x

    2. Hello Lady, so you got caught now :PPPPP *jk* :}


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