B. Pure Micullar Water

So, I got talked into getting this B.Pure Micellar Water by the lady at the counter in Superdrug. I was actually in the process of  buying Sleek's brow kit and Garnier Micellar water, when the lady at the counter suggested this B.Pure product. She said, it was really good, worth a try and it had been reduced from £4.99 to £2.47. Living on a student budget I thought why not? Anyways, so it's a 3-in-1 product, so it cleanses, tones and refreshes. Which is great because it saves me all the hassle of using 3 different products.

I have been using this for a few days and I quite like it. It removes all my make up, including my eye make up and leaves my skin feeling really smooth. I really like, how I can use it in the morning or at night. However, I do not like how information about this brand is very limited, I tried to find out a little more about it and I found very little on it. In fact, I only found out how popular it has become, so I feel like I have sort of just jumped on the B.Pure band wagon.


  1. I have tried the Bioderma and the Loreal one might try this out aswell! :)

    Esther | SILVANNIE

    1. I'm yet to try the L'Oreal one as well, I have read great reviews about it :)


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