Unemployment ❤

This issue is all over the news, I'm sure a lot of people are sick of hearing it. It's bad enough that people with pervious work experience, degrees and lots of spare time, can't seem to find a job. So, there really isn't much hope for the rest of us students. For some reason I seem to be quite unlucky, as I have applied to at least five jobs every week for the past two months. I'm getting really discouraged, and my student loan is lining out.
I do have another job, which is what I call my emergency job, I like the job but the hours and lifestyle that accompany it, isolates me from people in my life because I know I would be judged if I were to tell them about it. It also severely interferes with uni because it's from late night to early morning. Needless to say, this job can be hit and miss, and it's something you don't really want to put on your CV. No it's not prostitution. I'm not that desperate...if it ever gets so bad that I have no money what so ever, I do have parents.


  1. Gosh I swear the whole world has such a bad economy right now! Happy to hear you have a job.

  2. Agreed.... when people tell me hey here/or there "it is not easy" right now etc.. I am like wait a minute! WHERE is it easy or was it ever? Uhum, yeah! Nowhere is easy but I believe in finding ways.. The last part of your post made me smile haha :-)


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