Hunt for the perfect winter coat ❤

When it comes to winter and my personal warmth, looking fashionable or cute or whatever takes the back seat. Two years ago, I bought a nice thick winter coat from MANGO in lafayette Paris. It's so nice and warm and pretty thick. It also has a removable 'padding' inner part. For 119 (£102ish)  it was pretty worth it, however its a really light brown which sometimes means it clashes a little too much with some of my other clothes. Also, because it's so thick, on warmer day it gets really hot. I am keeping it, as it still fits, it's actually looser fitting now than when I first got it. It's also got a bit of wear and tear marks on it. I also have a leopard print fur coat. Everyone needs a fur coat!

Ark, Hearts and Bows parka.
So this year, all I have been looking for is a nice affordable black long thick coat, that wasn't a parka. For those warmer winter days. thought that would be easy to find but after hours of looking online, and in shops. I really didn't see a coat I liked or I thought was worth the price. 

Frustrated I as I was, I decided to settle for a parka I found on ARK. The minute I saw it, I knew that I had to have it, as it also a hearts and bows Parka. I love hearts and bows. It was only £68.99. Some might say it's really expensive, but sometimes you have to pay for quality. I would rather buy a good coat. Than pay £7.40 for antibiotics; other medication for, when I get ill because I wasn't dressed properly. Needless to say, I love the coat and I am happy with it.  


  1. Lovely coat!

    Min x

  2. That coat looks lovely and warm. And you are right , I am the kind of person who would rather spend on something that will last me.x


  3. I love the parka! Yes it is that time of year, I will have to start looking for a nice coat. Great post! :)




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