Road to smooth skin: Facial care

I have recently started a new face routine and this time I would like to keep it simple. No more complicated cleansers and toners. So I have started using the Garnier, Pure Active daily facial scrub. I've been using it for a few days now and I can already feel the difference, my face is clear and smoother. I can actually feel the smoothness soon as I wash it off. 

In conjunction to this, I have also been using the Simple, anti-blemish moisturiser. From what I can tell so far it's working well too. Though it has a clinical strong smell to it. Whereas the facial scrub smells lovely. Both these products are great, I can definitely see and feel the difference; smoother skin. 

For those nights out, when I am in no state to even wash my face before bed, I use the Simple, anti-blemish make up remover wipes. They also smell awful but they work pretty well. As good as washing your face can be after a night of drinking. 

However, I have noticed that my right cheek still has an out break of spots. which is going down but it's just odd how it's just my right cheek and not my whole face. Might just have something to do with stress. My Skin is very sensitive to change. When I am stressed, or I am eating differently than I usually do or if I am being to start my monthlies, I get spots. It's annoying as some of them do leave scars.

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