Autumn Purchases ❤

As it is getting a bit colder, I decided to get this awesome leather sleeves  tweed bomber jacket from eBay. I actually wasn't specifically looking for it, I was just browsing for winter coats on Google shopping and I saw it, bought it without even thinking about it. It's really comfortable, warm and looks awesome.

I also got a new hang bag from clearance on Tillys, as the other one I bought was too small for the kind of books I need to be carrying for Uni. It;s pretty roomy, Love it and I do like the smell of new leather.

iPhone 5s

Love it. At first I thought it was no different from the 4s but It is some much better. It's battery life is amazing, the cameras and screen are much clearer and got more features. Finger sensor is a life saver, as I don't have time to start remembering passcodes.

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