Road to smooth skin: Facial care

I have recently started a new face routine and this time I would like to keep it simple. No more complicated cleansers and toners. So I have started using the Garnier, Pure Active daily facial scrub. I've been using it for a few days now and I can already feel the difference, my face is clear and smoother. I can actually feel the smoothness soon as I wash it off. 

In conjunction to this, I have also been using the Simple, anti-blemish moisturiser. From what I can tell so far it's working well too. Though it has a clinical strong smell to it. Whereas the facial scrub smells lovely. Both these products are great, I can definitely see and feel the difference; smoother skin. 

For those nights out, when I am in no state to even wash my face before bed, I use the Simple, anti-blemish make up remover wipes. They also smell awful but they work pretty well. As good as washing your face can be after a night of drinking. 

However, I have noticed that my right cheek still has an out break of spots. which is going down but it's just odd how it's just my right cheek and not my whole face. Might just have something to do with stress. My Skin is very sensitive to change. When I am stressed, or I am eating differently than I usually do or if I am being to start my monthlies, I get spots. It's annoying as some of them do leave scars.


Autumn Purchases ❤

As it is getting a bit colder, I decided to get this awesome leather sleeves  tweed bomber jacket from eBay. I actually wasn't specifically looking for it, I was just browsing for winter coats on Google shopping and I saw it, bought it without even thinking about it. It's really comfortable, warm and looks awesome.

I also got a new hang bag from clearance on Tillys, as the other one I bought was too small for the kind of books I need to be carrying for Uni. It;s pretty roomy, Love it and I do like the smell of new leather.

iPhone 5s

Love it. At first I thought it was no different from the 4s but It is some much better. It's battery life is amazing, the cameras and screen are much clearer and got more features. Finger sensor is a life saver, as I don't have time to start remembering passcodes.


First two weeks back at Uni :)

I don't even know where to start. It's been a whirlwind of drunkenness and fear. I went to the freshers events, they were pretty awesome. Me and my housemates have been going out every night, getting pretty drunk basically since the 23rd of September. I don't understand why we drink, but we do anyways. During one of the nights out I lost my phone, The iPhone 4s...Luckily it's insured. But by the time insurance gets me another one, it will be snowing. So I decided to get the iPhone 5s and when I get the replacement I'll give it to my sister. She will absolutely love it, and she won't the only 12yr old without an iPhone anymore. During freshers. I also, Managed to fall somehow and I cracked one of my back teeth. So I had to go the dentist, how I hate the dentist. This all probably would not have happened if I didn't drink. On the plus side, I did manage to get a job for an agency and I've already had a few shifts. This is one of the other reasons why I really needed a phone as the agency can call me at anytime to work at remote locations. As I am working I don't feel as bad when it comes to spending my student loan.

The 1st of October was my last night out for a long time to come. As, I have been attending all the introductory second year lectures and they have made me realise that this year there is a lot more pressure, a lot less help from lecturers/personal tutor and there are higher expectations. I know all university courses have their own levels of difficulty but my course definitely is one of the hard ones. I can not afford to fuck up. 

Time to pull up the soaks!  

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