My back to Uni essentials - Clothes

My must have basic essentials for back to uni. All these items all under fifteen pounds and some even under ten pounds.

  1. The Uni bag - this year I have decided to get this cute black faux leather quilted shoulder bag. It's perfect as I like using A5 note pads.
  2. The coat - Parka's are the way to go but I choose this coat because I don't think a lot of people will. It goes with pretty much everything. I really like leather sleeves as well and it's also affordable.    
  3. The knit wear - I will stock up on a few knit cardigans/jumpers as I think they look great on anything and they are super warm for this colder to freezing months.
  4. Leggings! you can never have too many legs, whether different colors or patterns. This are super comfortable and easy to match with anything.
  5. The skirt - Just because it's colder doesn't mean I can't wear a shirt. I love this particular leather body-con mini skirt and it will fit in just right with my other body-con skirts collection.  
  6. The pump - A good pair of pumps go a long way. 
  7. Pixie Chelsea boot, for those cold and icy days, they are great and really comfortable.  
  8. The Chelsea boot with a short chunky heel with studs. I really love these because of the studs and heel. As I am pretty short.
  9. Beanies! I lots and lots of beanies, I collect them. For these days when your hair just goes want to look good. For the coldest days where your ears feel like they are gonna drop off if they are not covered. Also, just for fun. 
  10. Always good to have a scarf so I do not freeze my breasts off. 
  11. Thick tights - plenty and plenty of tights to go with the skirts or dresses. These are definitely essential in the winter months.


  1. Love these kind of posts, even though I always get so tempted by them! Great picks, even though my bank account doesn't feel the same way!

    Fi xx

  2. @Fiona

    Thank you hun :D My bank doesn't agree either but it will just have to understand



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