iPhone 5s ❤

Something that is Actually bigger than GTA V right now. It looks awesome, it sounds awesome. I want one so bad. Finger print technology, iOS7 need I say more? Soon I will be able to afford one, but I really Can't justify spending £549 when I already have a great and still working iPhone 4s. Which I can sell and put towards buying the new iPhone5s. I think if I can get a steady job, then I can buy it. At least I won't go hungry because I will be getting paid. 


Keeping Fit at Uni :)

Keeping fit at University is very important. I know a lot of people who go to uni and leave with a degree asl well as a stone or two. With all the lectures, studying at home, binge drinking, nursing hangovers, watching jeremy kyle instead of being workshops and junk food. It can be quite hard to find time to do some exercise or pick up an apple. But I take fitness quite seriously, it's just something to keep me busy. It's not like I need to lose any weight with my measurements being 39, 29, 40 and wear Sizes 8/10. I'd like to maintain my weight. I don't do diets because...well..I love food!

Last year...  

At uni I joined the dance society and needless to to say I didn't stick to it. Hated it, the other people there were very pompous. The uni doesn't have a dance course! so inexperienced people teaching other inexperienced people great. So I decided to join the gym instead. This worked out well for the first two weeks, then I just got lazy because the gym was always! packed with body builders whenever I found time to go.  

Instead I decided to start going to the zumba, yoga and hips bums and tums. I love these classes. me and my housemates went a lot. But unfortunately due the fact that my student finance being very late, my savings had pretty much ran out. On top of that I wasn't getting any  interviews or call backs from job applications. I started thinking outside the box and a got a job which started at 9pm and finished at 4am. So I didn't have time to go the gym or fitness classes as after work, I would nap then go to lectures then nap again the back to work again. Amongst that I was partying like there was no tomorrow. God knows how I passed with a 1st, 6 2:1s and a 2:2.

So this year! 

Aerial arts
I have decided to be a little be more serious with going to the gym. Luckily at my uni it's only £17 per month. I would like to go at least go the gym twice and attend a fitness class once a week.

I would also like to join the Aerial Arts and Pole dancing society at uni, as I already know the basics of them. Only found out that one of my uni mates from halls two years ago, partly runs the society too. which is even more reason why I should join.

I know I will probably get judged for doing it but stigma aside. It is pretty good fitness and quite impressive skills to have. All the while avoiding taking the bus/taxis and walking if it possible to.


My back to Uni essentials - Clothes

My must have basic essentials for back to uni. All these items all under fifteen pounds and some even under ten pounds.

  1. The Uni bag - this year I have decided to get this cute black faux leather quilted shoulder bag. It's perfect as I like using A5 note pads.
  2. The coat - Parka's are the way to go but I choose this coat because I don't think a lot of people will. It goes with pretty much everything. I really like leather sleeves as well and it's also affordable.    
  3. The knit wear - I will stock up on a few knit cardigans/jumpers as I think they look great on anything and they are super warm for this colder to freezing months.
  4. Leggings! you can never have too many legs, whether different colors or patterns. This are super comfortable and easy to match with anything.
  5. The skirt - Just because it's colder doesn't mean I can't wear a shirt. I love this particular leather body-con mini skirt and it will fit in just right with my other body-con skirts collection.  
  6. The pump - A good pair of pumps go a long way. 
  7. Pixie Chelsea boot, for those cold and icy days, they are great and really comfortable.  
  8. The Chelsea boot with a short chunky heel with studs. I really love these because of the studs and heel. As I am pretty short.
  9. Beanies! I lots and lots of beanies, I collect them. For these days when your hair just goes want to look good. For the coldest days where your ears feel like they are gonna drop off if they are not covered. Also, just for fun. 
  10. Always good to have a scarf so I do not freeze my breasts off. 
  11. Thick tights - plenty and plenty of tights to go with the skirts or dresses. These are definitely essential in the winter months.


My first blog post :)

As this is my first blog post, I really have no idea what to say or what pictures to include. So! I shall start with the basics as to who I am and why I started this blog.

I am a 20 year old women, who loves the darker side of life, Most people know me by the name of Trill amongst other names. Being a student has totally changed my life and thus I decided to start a personal blog, to make sense of it all. I'll be mostly posting about:
  • My life - daily life struggles with mental health: the good times, the bad times and the unthinkable.  Most importantly how I got through all those times.
  • Views and opinion - Mostly on fashion! quite the opinionated lady when it comes to what rags I wear. 
  • Funny photos and maybe events.
A good friend is much cheaper than therapy as they say. This blog will be my friend and with it, I shall share all. Hopefully on this site I will get the chance to meet new and exciting people.

This is all for now.

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